Family Values

A third generation family owned company, Taco understands the importance of family values and the difficulties associated with balancing career and family commitments.  This is why we have established programs which encourage and support the inclusion of family: spouses, children, partners, friends.

Summer Camps

Beginning in 1994, in partnership with Rhode Island School of Design, Taco initiated its Summer Camps for children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews of employees, with 2 two-week Art Camps.  This was followed one year later with the Summer Explorer Oceanography Program in partnership with the Graduate School of Oceanography at the University of Rhode Island (URI).  In Art Camp, which is now managed with FirstWorks and held at St. Andrew’s School in Barrington, children learn to paint, draw, theatrically perform, and create puppetry.  At Oceanography Camp, children participate in research on ocean vessels, sample ocean water, work with ocean life, and with family members embark on a whale watch.

Student Scholarships

The Taco Student Scholarship Program was created to aid eligible children of Taco employees in their pursuit of higher education.  Graduating high school seniors and full-time enrolled college students of Taco employees are encouraged to apply for this special program.  Four scholarships are awarded each year.

Music & Arts

Taco provides many opportunities to enrich the lives of employees and their families through music and the arts.  With the Taco/White Family Foundation’s interest in and generous contributions to the Arts, employees and their families become involved in a variety of cultural activities outside the company including attendance at Rhode Island Philharmonic, Providence Performing Arts Center, Trinity Repertory and FirstWorks events.

Children’s Safety & Environmental Awareness

Taco’s Children’s Safety & Environmental Awareness Program educates and promotes awareness of safe practices at home and at play and environmental sustainability through preservation of our natural resources. Children submit drawings representing the designated subject matter – Safety or the Environment.  Drawings are evaluated by the members of the Rhode Island and Massachusetts OSHA Consultation Teams with a celebration and awards held at Taco.

Health and Wellness

As a family-owned company, we feel a special obligation to support positive health and wellness practices and programs.  This includes a commitment to partner with employees and family members to help each of us live a longer, more healthful productive life.  Taco’s comprehensive wellness programs (see Discovering Wellness at Work), recreational activities, and healthcare benefits (see Benefits) incorporate individual and family incentives for making and sustaining healthy lifestyle changes.

Employee Assistance Program

Managing critical issues in our personal lives can be sometimes be overwhelming.  That’s why we provide employees and their family members with a free confidential Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to help employees deal with problems that might adversely affect their work performance, health and well-being. Our EAP provides counseling and referral services for emotional distress, financial or legal concerns, substance abuse, family discord, elder care, and other related individual and family matters.