Innovation and Professional Development

It’s no surprise that Taco’s employee turnover rate is less than 1% and its average employee service is eighteen years.  Employees come first and this is evidenced in many ways, and most importantly in the personal and professional development opportunities available to employees.

The commitment to and investment in innovation and continuous education for personal and professional development is not a new event for Taco.  The Company has been actively training its employees and customers over the last 25 years.  With on-site class offerings ranging from Basic Math to a full MBA program, the previous Taco Learning Center allowed Taco’s employees to increase their knowledge and enhance their personal and professional lives.  Furthermore, training classes on product applications and system design have allowed Taco to train and educate Architects, Engineers and Contractors in the HVAC Industry.

Over the years, Taco has partnered with virtually every major institution of higher learning in Rhode Island as well as with several colleges and universities in Massachusetts.  It has offered over 300 courses and workshops – all free for employees.

In June 2012, Taco opened the doors to its new Innovation and Development Center.  This $20 Million expansion to its corporate facility in Cranston, Rhode Island is a testament to the Company’s dedication to and interest in the success of its employees, customers, suppliers and community.

The Innovation and Development Center is the most expansive showcase for the latest energy savings and sustainable products and systems available in the HVAC industry today.  The building includes advanced hydronic system applications such as Radiant Cooling, Radiant Heating, Snowmelt, Geothermal and Solar Thermal in a total of 25 Living Laboratories that provide for hands-on learning.  The building also showcases advanced hydronic products and systems such as LoFlo®, LoadMatch® and iWorX® that have been designed and developed by Taco.    This powerful combination of technology and education make this a truly unique and innovative facility.

Taco’s Innovation and Development Center is a heartwarming American manufacturing success story of the entrepreneurial spirit and the honorable pursuits of giving back to its employees and community and caring for others.

Employees who desire to continue their education outside of the Taco Innovation and Development Center may enroll in Taco’s Tuition Reimbursement Program.  Educational assistance at the undergraduate and graduate level is provided for courses offered by accredited colleges, universities and approved trade schools.  Eligible courses are those related to the employees present position, as part of an approved degree program, or directly related to a position which you desire to achieve within the company.