A Better Way to Comfort




Innovations in Green

The LoadMatch® System. Saving energy, money, materials and time is what it's all about.

With the new century, John Hazen White, Jr. pointed the company towards energy efficiency and sustainability, bringing its Green Building LoadMatch® single pipe hydronic system to the commercial market.  Along with LoadMatch came the software to design the system: Hydonic System Solutions®.  Engineers could now use HSS to design an entire LoadMatch system in minutes instead of hours.

The award-winning Taco LoFloTM system sets a new standard in comfort, ease of design, and Green Building energy performance for small to large buildings. 

Built on LoadMatch principles, LOFlo® was introduced in 2009, the latest advance in precision chilled beam technology for radiant heating and cooling applications.  Both of these systems deliver incredible efficiency.  Residentially, Taco's variable speed technology and e-Smart® family of pumps, smart valves, and controls makes selection of the most resource-saving products easy.  The need to manage more sophisticated systems remotely has grown exponentially.

Web-based Building Management Made Easy

Our subsidiary, Taco Electronic Solutions, launched iWorx®, a web based building monitoring, management, and control system.  Unlike competitive systems, iWorx users manage buildings via their PC and an Internet connection.  With the introduction of iWorx, Taco has become a one-stop source for design tools, green systems, quality components, and building management solutions.