Built In America

Manufacturing in the 21st Century


An American Success Story

Taco, originally known as the Thermal Appliance Company, was founded in 1920 by Elwood White, our current president's grandfather.  Robert Lincoln Blanding joined Elwood shortly thereafter, developing some of Taco's first products.  Together, the two men launched Taco's tradition of hydronic product innovation, developing the tankless water heater, the tempering valve, and patenting a year-round boiler control.

At the onset of World War II, John Hazen White, Sr. took over.  Taco joined the war effort, diverting its production to gun mounts for Navy warplanes and steel tube  heat exchangers for warships.  While the gears of manufacturing were turning, Taco continued to tinker with new ideas for products in post-war America.

The 1950's saw the introduction of the first practical vertical pump and the development of the wet rotor circulator.  Later, the introduction of the hollow shaft wet rotor circulator put an end to iron oxide contamination and reduced system wear and tear.

As business expanded into the commercial market, Taco opened a fabricated products manufacturing facility in Fall River, MA for the production of heat exchangers and expansion tanks.  Taco was no longer "just a pump company". 

Taco jumped into the 1990's with the acquisition of Sweet Controls, followed by the introduction of the ESP® motorized zone valve, the Electronic Priority Zoning Circulator, and the VorTech® Air Separator - tecnologiies that led the charge into the 21st century with high performance, low maintenance comfort systems for sustainable living.